Tuesday, March 17, 2009

hot guys in australia and new zealand !

so my one-month jaunt in australia and new zealand with long-time pal, margaret (atlanta, represent!) brought us close to some dynamic cities, great attractions and, of course, those hot aussie bois!

margaret made me fly economy with her (ugh) but to make up for that shitty flight was this dynamic skyline in melbourne.

the street art in melbourne is ubiquitous, and one of the few cities in the world where it's embraced.

my favorite person in melbourne was the door guy, Tim.. what an aussie cutie!!
more street art, this wasn't planned to come after the previous photo but whatevs

i reunited with my parisian friend max, who moved out to australia to learn english. i mean, really? (by the by, he wants to move to new york in october. hook a brutha up with a job, fools!) i have major jetlag (and jetlag hair) in this photo, fashiz

we ended up meeting this Christian Australian. he was all like , I love god i love god, i was like blow me.

and stayed at some cool boutique hotels...

it's true! there is a beach in melbourne (aint as good as sydney but you make the best of what you've got, right?) this lifeguard should just pose all day, considering no one swims in that cold-ass water.

but people do walk around shirtless like hottie one and hottie two.

shopping was a blast cause i kept running into these hot dudes on the sidewalk who clearly busted me... like this hot fool

and this one...

we left melbourne on a good note to cruise new zealand for two weeks... at sea, there were some pretty awesome things like this volcano ejaculation (of lava and steam, yall)

i would have spent most of my time on this here deck....

but we had the beaches in taraganau for that, one of our first stops.

we also ate pretty well in Holland America's fine dining restaurant, where it turns out i was pretty "loud" (i am american after all yall)

margaret said this dude was like 15.. shit. with a body like that ... (our cruise ship in the back!)

h ha hahahahahaha hhhoooooot dude in new zealand.

hot irish guy in wellington (i'm just assuming he's irish... it's the lips)

scotty nylund, anyone?

who goes to australia without feeding kangaroos? this dirty ass kangaroo's mouth felt like a monkey butt fashiz

aww. and if you go to tasmania, you'll get all fuzzy over the endangered tasmanian devils...

nothing was as awesome as the hayman island resort in great barrier reef. somehow we managed to get upgraded to a lagoon suite. sweet!

some of the best scenery in australia really was from a boat.

like "frenchy" , for instance. the hot french dive instructor kid when we went out to the actual reef.

i mean... really? shit...

he was all like "jimmy i love you but you have to stop taking photos of me and just get in bed with me now. " I was like , "i can't do that my future husband because i can't let down my three blog readers."

we did go submarining...

and some glass-bottom-boating..

but the shizzle went off the wizzle palizzle in sydney australia. .

where the hotties just like to walk around shirtless.

well, at bondi beach, of course.

there were blonde hotties that REALLY needed that tan...

buff surfer hotties. .

posing hotties...

gay hotties...

buck-teeth hotties...

daddy hotties...

thug hotties..

skinny hotties...

and speedo hotties...!

none of which stayed at the lovely park hyatt hotel under the harbor bridge, but at least we had a view.. !

of the opera house right across the way!

we did hit mardi gras for a hot sec..

where this dude who wins hot guy olympics australia/new zealand really werked it with the sugar daddies
until next time!!