Tuesday, July 29, 2008

jerks and gay-cos

so when nikki beach, you know that crazy club chain known for its lavish parties, asked me to dj for a weekend at their new resort in turks & caicos. i said no. wait, i THOUGHT no... but i said yes... and thank god. cause this is what i would have missed

Limo service from the airport with a bottle of Veuve waiting for us, and our new friends!

uh. sweet suite anyone?

i would have missed eating sushi off this beyotch

and checking out the bitches and hos...

of course i wouldn't have been doing this...

or laughing with (at) our new crazy go go friend carrie...

hey look! it's doug e fresh!

i wouldn't have djed for the white trash drunks poolside..

or seen borja do his best pose to date...

wouldn't have met cute lesbian couple #1 ...

hot damn, that bitch needs to go... hey boy... hi!

look! lesbian couple number two !

I would have missed carrie macking on this hot dude who was wearing those white trunks with no underwear so his wee wee was flapping about..

i would have missed this incredibly incredible knock out massage

or the opportunity to bring the 80s back...
and i'm sure going to miss having sex with johnny, the canadian construction worker who just wanted to play volleyball. thanks johnny, the sex was fantastic!

i'm going to miss you johnny ! call me, baby !

Monday, July 28, 2008

Yoko boys of summer (or fall 2009, rather)

MORNING WOOD, models and shit

Wait, so what did we miss this past week?

well, antoine realized that i'm fluent in spanish and cool.

and my friend borja finally arrived from london and the boys were all up in his kool-aid...

meanwhile eastern bloc got a go-go upgrade...

and the band morningwood invaded my block in the lower east side for a free outdoor concert. wow, i have never seen so many 16 year olds in my life!

ken was stoked cause he got to hang with the bitch.

down the street, who knew the hotel on rivington had one of the finest views of the city??

and some of the hottest boys around town??

Matt and I discovered a section of the city called ... something like ... wall street area?

and yoko devereaux didn't disappoint with his fall 2009 fashions.

Monday, July 14, 2008

dance much? ?

summer in the city (diesel party, ps 1, breeders)

i decided i wanted to know what it was like to leave my apartment. so i met up with the gays (spencer, matt, jason, marcos, etc) and pre-gamed at High Bar for some free hot dogs and booze (thanks Diesel!)

we ran into joseph who tried knocking on my backdoor-- but i hate jewish people
just kidding! jews abound! (ish)

jason thought it would be funny to put a handful of ice in my underoos

that shit was cold!

after we dried out the bar, we took the subway over to queens. which reminds me: gay people are crazy. and spencer (right) fractured one of my ribs this weekend. thanks spencer!

PS 1 was so on ! there were even black people there !

hey look ! it's carlos, mr gay international, who we met in madrid!

jason danced for this hot dude outside the portapotties

then we came back to my home for some budget karaoke

sunday it was all about the Breeders... bitches sang Safari, my faaavorite song, which the crowd did not know.

i love james, especially after getting us those VIP passes . thanks james!

a subway and booze and will ferrell was involved here.

matt is sad about leaving madrid. even though that was like a week ago, matt.

to cure his blues, we headed to metropolitan for sunday bbq... look who's back from cyprus! anthony who fell off his bike!

this is james and i doing the whole "we're getting out if this shot" shot.

there is one straight guy in this picture. you win a dollar if you can find him. just kidding. they're all fags.

Friday, July 11, 2008

late news... but Spain wins Eurocup!

party in the fucking barcelonian streets!

gay pride madrid !!!!

needless to say, i don't remember much (except chueca)

check out my recaps here:
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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

hot guys in valencia spain?

they're not joking when they say all the hot guys are in valencia (thanks borja)... sure there are some commanding plazas and buildings

like this one...

but there are some hot guys in their kitchens...

and hot guys tanning...

hot guys ready for some beach action...

hot guys at the beach...

hot guys all wet...

hot guys at cafes...

hot guys on the bus.

my future boyfriend pedro..
hot guys at celebrity sightings...

i know, you would think just 1 1/2 days we wouldn't get any sightseeing in... don't worry. it was done...