Monday, July 20, 2009

hot guy olympics Spain !

unfortunately there were waaay too many guys that qualified for Hot Guy Olympics in Barcelona, Sitges, Madrid, Valencia and even Bilbao... so I'm presenting the gold medalists...

the dude in the middle likes to suck... in a breath of fresh air!

eh. he's a'ight but when he said he was a porn star for Titan, I let him give me ten bucks to include him in my hot guy olympics.

he may be fourteen but ... damn ! i now understand the whole teacher sleep with student sitch.
this guy just got back from three days at the beach.

this guy was at the same beach, only he didn't bring his Proactive. it's ok, though, you made it to round five!

yeah yeah, famous porn star on his knees, what's new.

oh, look, they let the maid come out for sunlight..!

shut the fug up.

dude on the left was my favorite. too bad he lost ...

to mr barcelona!

i'm surprised the dude in the middle didn't get a boner from the linda simpson/kathy griffin look alike.

marry me, please. .. he said. Eh, I was like.. maybe..

git it, bitch.

i hate it when people take pictures of me discreetly without my consent.

yee haw!

you can tell the dude on the left farted and his friend is laughing.

this guy would be perfect if his hands were in his pants and his pants were off.

i LOVE vikings.

you can fucking arrest me anytime officer. put me in a headlock, whatever...

i'll show you angel...

until next time!