Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Espana, Euro 2008 !

because ann and i happened to be in Spain when they advanced to quarter finals (major victory in 44 years!) we had no choice but to join the celebrations in the streets...

i love spaniards .

and shirtless spaniards..

and happy spaniards..

oh hi. whats your name?

things got a little rowdy down in las ramblas..

and people got naked...

silly , silly ann really thinks i'm taking a picture of her.

this hot dude (l) was all up in my camera...

f to the i to the e to the s to the t to the a
more partying. . . ann was afraid of getting "clocked in the head"

i on the other hand was victim of some messiness this guy had up his sleeve. fool, gettin me all wet and shit.

this adorable 20 year old was nice enough to smoke me and ann up (first time in about 7 years... but hey, i'm in spain!)

this 20 year old was all up in ann's kool aid. but bitch gave him the finger wag.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

sleep in barcelona?

people always ask me... what's there to do in barcelona? well....

wine is quite popular..

but you can always start out at the contemporary museum and check out the lively scene outside...
or watch porn in your hotel room.

the ancient roman wall is something that every tourist must see...

or you can do silly things with phallic objects in your hotel room.

the Gaudi House encapsulates this famous architects definitive work..

and the nightlife scene does the same for barcelona lifestyle...

cute spanish boys abound, if you're into random sex...

and sightseeing is a must..

especially make sure you check out the local goods around you...

or you can watch porn in your hotel room..

oh, and go spain !

Thursday, June 26, 2008

gay gay gay gay gay gay gay super gay as in i played kelly clarkson

goodtimes last night, word.

someone stripped for a drink ticket (hey, it is the east village after all)

benji didn't get no kisses but an exciting tank top!

and johan thinks my roommate cat looks like nicole kidman from the side.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

full moon + gay = goodtimes

maybe it was the full moon that made the gays behave ... well, not so appropriately... but, hey, what do you expect at goodtimes?

our favorite ex-g0-go kyle was pissed because i played billy joel.

antoine was just being himself.

these guys were really up to no good... you can't see, but the two guys on the end were holding the middle guy's balls.

hey, look! it's will, the lead singer of imperial teen!

sam has no gayme... even with this random black guy... oh wait, that's eddie!

kyle sucks mic(k)

newbie andy (left), mike (mids) and french cutie max (right) were all up in my kool aid all night, forcing me to be a bad dj.

i love it when guys roll through already on ecstacy.

oh look! the guy who hates my music! but there was that MGMT confession...

someone threw something which ended up in my hand and in max's mouth... almost

see you at our SUPER GAY GOODTIMES next week

Thursday, June 12, 2008

myspace comment of the year

well i'm in atlanta and there's a thunderstorm so what else is there to do than read your redneck friend's myspace comments? this is the real deal:

Zach Jenkins- who wantz to feel the zachhammer

Jun 9 2008 8:59 PM

well i'm glad to here your priorities are coming in to play. having a kid is the single most amazing thing to had ever happened in my life. it's changing everything man. chris i do love you dude, like my blood man me and you have had some great time togather so i'll be strait up with you. Jen told me that you stole my ipod, jordans camera, i personally had a lot of clothes come up missing. anyways... I'm not blaming you. i'm just saying that i helped you with alot of shit,and for you to have done that,that would have been pretty shady but as far as i know thats in the past, even if it was you that stole, i would forgive you. your friendship is worth more than those material things. if you didn't do that shit than i'm sorry i came at you that way. you don't owe me any explanation, because it's not an acusation, i don't know if that is spelled right lol. we need to hang out. anyways get at me.

Monday, June 9, 2008

finland = funland

my trip to finland was short and sweet, so i'll make this really brief in celebration of short and sweetness. Finland: lots of elk, tons of lakes, invented ice skaing, tom of finland is -gasp- from finland, weird-ass accents and cute-ass boys!

some danish girl agreed with me this dude was hot.

some guy sleeping in the design district...

they love their parks, there's a bunch of dead bodies underneath this one, they don't know that (i do cause i'm a journalist)...

i happened to go during the nightless nights (2 weeks) where there is eternal sun. so it was 11 pm when i took this picture.

hot fin posing ....

went to the small town of fiskars where they, believe it or not, invented the scissors with the orange handle...

some weird-ass design chair...

two german lesbo journos, hot older journo, and the swiss guy on the right who really didn't think i could make out with him if i wanted like i told him.

the privilege of getting a private tour in famous architect/designer alvar aalto's home/office.

my favorite fin couldn't keep his hands off me.

some weird ass gay bar.

my favorite romanian living in finland whos actually moving to japan today.

some bitch struttin...

some hot fin in a store.

oh, and Tini, the cutest fin in finland.