Thursday, May 29, 2008

no longer a secret # 2

sam makes delicious pot cookies

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

trag-lantic shitty !

because i'm homeless, i thought it would be a great idea to go back to atlantic city to see how much money i would lose this time around!

mike and i shared a limo with musto (VV obs) and mr mickey b (paper)

did a bunch of celeb-ish stuff. you know the usual shit, like check out Carmen Electra's domed pool party at harrahs...

bitch didn't bite much...

so we decided to go all gay at the only gay bar in a.c. : west side club...

even though this bar lacked the goods (as in pretty stock), there were cute boys abound at the casinos. some wearing knee high-ish socks...

some muscle guys with skinny legs...

but no one attracted the hunks like jerry seinfeld. we got pretty good seats...

and there was something with patti labelle, but i'm not sure what. because i ate something bad. and got some kind of bug. or virus. with a high fever and several trips to the bathroom. i did not get to see patti labelle for her secret birthday party, or her hung over at the brunch. because i was slipping in and out of consciousness every 20 minutes with clammy hands. i am still kinda sick, so i didn't get to make my flight to maldives and india... ah.. there's always next time.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

happy 100th, brooklyn bridge !

and to j-dogg-26, who i took on this cute lil cruise thing around the manhattan island..

nora (left) is all like, "you aint 26, fool .."

stat of libs.

the girl on the left is one of those girls who talks on those cab tvs.

celebrating the BB's bd in style!

Monday, May 19, 2008

mexican road trip !

goodbye gorgeous resort...

goodbye cute staff...

goodbye senior frog's (LONG story)

and hellllo road trip! sam rented an attitude cause he's got it and we vroomed our way to chichen itza !

of course we had a little detour to the beaches of tulum.

what a road trip it has been ! we picked up cute french hitchhikers...

did some shopping...

and wound up at one of the world's most famous historic sites!

it was pretty fucking hot today...

but our guide's enyclopedic knowledge helped us trudge through the heat...

the observatory (thanks, mayan calendar, for ending 2012!)

sam got a little weird...

but what can you expect over a full-moon weekend? see yall soon !

Sunday, May 18, 2008

sunburnt sammy in cozumel

i love mexico, and i love tequila. so i couldn't turn down an assignment reviewing the brand-new lifestyle boutique, all-inclusive Aura Cozumel resort. They gave me a 2-bedroom corner suite with wrap-around balcony. I dunno why.

Maybe they knew Sam was coming to meet me for the weekend, inevitably (and not surprisingly) eating all my food.

and being cool.

Sam spent a few days in Tulum before he came out, obviously affected by the Mayan Gods as he wouldn't stop doing this weird arm dance.

But he did tone it down once we discovered the gym on the rooftop terrace.

I, on the other hand, was distracted by the open bar and jacuzzi with awesome views of the sea.


we cruised the very few hot boys (oh, i'm sorry, left hand side)...

but there really wasn't anything as special as waking up in the morning and having a tall, refreshing glass of homo milk.

our snorkel driver agreed. homo milk and mullets rule.

sam was fond of swimming with the wonderful barracuda and colorful reefs..

i had my own agenda.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hong kong part 2: eat much?

so i decided to take this private dim sum class with a master chef.

we made dumplings (are you sure you know which dumplings (on right) are his and which are mine? look closer.

oh! before i get into the dead animals, i went to this gay bar where they had SVEDKA specials. who woulda thunk?

ok, so who wants duck?

and who ordered the suckling pig?

dead skinned baby pigeon anyone?

or perhaps a cage full of frogs?

surely you won't turn down the dead hanging chicken.

that's right. nothing deserves a finger wag like dead animals.

what made me feel better (not that i'm vegetarian or anything, surprise surprise) was the lightshow while drinking champagne on the rooftop of the presidential suite.

take me to nobu and... what dead animals?

its all about posing with the pose worthy food.