Wednesday, October 31, 2007

INDIA: not so darjeeling limited

Sorry it's taken a week to upload. But I had to board the Deccan Odyssey, a "luxury" train ride through the state of Maharashtra (train in the heart of rural india = no internet). Darjeeling Limited seriously got nothing on this bad-ass cruiser (well, maybe hotter guys. Deccan: think cruise ship clientele.)

Goodbye taj mahal ;(
Hello Deccan Odyssey!
oh wait... wrong picture. Hello Deccan Odyssey!
oh, meet the crew! me, jen, KT and daniel. We took a fishing boat to a historic fort in Sindhudurg.
Goa is pretty much a hippy's wet beach dream (and very European as it is a former Portuguese colony), and we ended up visiting some pretty awesome churches including the Basilica De Born Jesus, where the tomb of St Francis Xavier (faaamous saint) resides. Grody gross.
The further we traveled into the heart of Maharastra our itineraries became more "off-the-beaten-path." Americans become more "exotic" to the locals, leading to kids who want their pictures taken with you and street hawkers who can smell us from miles away. Oh, and it's also where wrestling originated. HOT!
This was India all day, all the time. Except a little dirtier. what?
Two points if you can find the Asian.
When we arrived at the Ajanta Caves, I was somehow promoted from freelance writer to prince.
The Ajanta Caves originate as early as 2 B.C. and feature the oldest paintings in the world (!), so there was no doubt I spent hours marveling at the preserved artwork on the cave walls and ceilings in several gutted out Buddhist temples. They remained unnoticed until 1819 when British officers stumbled upon them during a tiger hunt, making the history of these caves much more profound. Thanks, Brits!
Cave #10. One of the best. shit, so amazing.
These were buddhist temples, don't forget kids!
I didn't ever want to leave. Maybe it was that sense of inner peace.
But I eventually ended up back in Mumbai. Have you noticed I gained 178 pounds? Grody gross. See ya this weekend! happy halloween!

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

India: 28 Days Later

If you're going to come to India make sure you pack some Pringles. Don't get me wrong. The food here is outstanding and no less than authentic because it's, like, you know, India, but 3x daily meals of curry and spicy dishes will have the kids knocking on your back door in no time.

I started my visit in the capital of Mumbai (Bombay), a schizophrenic city where 17 million denizens jostle each other on the streets. There's no sense of order, limited pedestrian cross walks, no "grid" street systems and a hell of a lot more cabs than Indian Gods.

Because the chaos can get a little unnerving, your hotel should be an uncompromised sanctuary. I stayed at the Taj Palace, which couldn't have been more of a home away from home away from home. Built more than 100 years ago, it's right at the Gateway of India and always on Conde Nast's 20 top hotel lists.

chillin at the pool

Gateway of India out my window

Ghandi's home ! (well, not really. Because he gave up his riches, he crashed at his friend's house, but this was his room)

Outside Jain's shrine

hot dude with a ritualistic headshave

seriously, kid, get off that roof!

i'm sorry. what?

there's really no separation between pedestrians and vehicles. and the pedestrians don't hold back when they see a hot bitch (jenna). this was 28 Days Later.. India-style for sure

Thursday, October 18, 2007

One dollar, two dollars, three dollars...

well how about those two eclipses we had last month? (eclipses are basically really strong full moons and indicate next steps in life and growing up, fools)

Chris got a little blindsided. Not only is his relationship over with his bf, but he is homeless as of now, and just got laid off from his job. But he does like to touch. Who wants to blow him (kisses)?

See the rest of GOODTIMES@EASTERNBLOC pics here

Monday, October 15, 2007

what the fuck do i do??

well, because no one really knows—and much to my friend's encouragement—I'm reluctantly going to post links to my travel stories when published and when available ("reluctantly" because these are the same friends who play tricks on me)

The most recent is my trip to Andalucia in Spain published in the Sunday Travel section of New York Daily News (click the image of the matador)

rapper's delight!

when i showed this to my friend, he didn't think it was funny. At ALL. ("we just don't have the same sense of humor")
sure, i get the message, which is GREAT.... but... seriously.... come on...

Friday, October 12, 2007

Bedroom Invasion #2: KLAXONS

Quite literally. I'm laying in bed when suddenly the Klaxons come barging in around midnight to watch Conan O ' Brien, of which they performed/recorded earlier that day.

Like a weird uncle, those crazy fuckers drank all my booze and had me up til 5 am. Because I really like them, I didn't give them the finger wag, and it was absolutely entertaining to watch them watching them on my tv. Go see the Klaxons at Webster Hall tonight.

Waiting for their performance on Conan!

The "you did a great job!" hug. Yall, my roommate Cat (left) is in an awesome band Holy Hail and they've toured with the likes of Rapture and New Young Pony Club. They are leaving again next week to tour with Bonde Do Role... Check them out !

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

franked up good times

with sparbers absence, i manned the dj booth alone on wednesday night so sadly pictures are minimal this week:

Including this one of these two random guys who kept coming into the dj booth and just stood there without speaking to me.

and these freaks who had to get their last weird-ass dance in when last call was called

xander strutted in after 4 am for our after party

oh, and gabe bartended, and these fools wanted to go home by 5 am, but gaby winehouse was all like "noo, noo, nooo"

Sunday, October 7, 2007

getting owned by Arcade Fire / LCD Soundsystem

Perhaps the most moving experience of 2007. Matt and I got there just around the time LCD started and they effortlessly commanded the crowd. My ambivalence for Arcade Fire exploded with strong inclination when I finally saw them live... all, like, 30 of them.
Where the fuck were you?

My camera phone was a little drunk.

after a long day out

Thursday, October 4, 2007

trannies, hot guys and bloc party

so this crazy ass tranny (sandy cane, i guess is her name) was shooting for her tv show at my party goodtimes @ eastern bloc last night. bitch is crazy and lit her tits on fire singing "gloria"

after she firmly planted herself at the bar for several hours, all the hot cats came in to party good-times style! Even Bloc Party made an appearance after their show at Madison Square Garden. More pics at Josh's blog!

Simon rocking his new gold tooth. it's permanent, bitches!

P to the S: EASTERN BLOC IS LOOKING FOR A BARBACK- email me if interested, fuckers

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

good job hunting

yall david is back from his long-ass european vacation. he spent all his money on baguettes and fancy hookers, so let's put him back in the workforce! (and, sorry guys, I don't know how to rotate photos to be vertical. ayuda ayuda!)

Monday, October 1, 2007

Cock blocked

My last Sunday night at the Cock was pretty fucking boring! But I will miss the Sunday night staff as I start a new adventure on Friday nights in the basement (dungeon).

I'll miss you stephen!

I'll miss you random drunk white guy!

New York Secrets 1: cheap-ass brunch

because when you spend all your money on booze on the weekend, two bucks can break that "I-can't-afford-to-eat-on-weekends" routine.
Take your broke ass to Fried Dumpling at Delancey and Broome (ok- it's not really a secret. New York magazine raves about this place).

mmm. i could eat dumplings all day.


"How delicious!" says Joshua.