Tuesday, January 29, 2008

mercury retrograde officially sets on birthday party 2!

of course, the retrograde happened to go in effect on my official birthday so i wasn't expecting plans to run smoothly. dinner with two of my best friends (who, coincidentally, share close birthdays: antoine- jan 27, me -jan 28, matt- jan 29) were canceled because matt had to work fashionably late and antoine had to go throw his back out at the gym.

dean and deluca provided a gorgeously delicious take-out
we ended up visiting our crippled friend with cupcakes
matt really doesn't get the whole "blowing" thing
wake up, antoine!
pablo totally looks like steve zahn

here's to being 25 !

Monday, January 28, 2008

atlantic city invasion

to celebrate my 25th birthday, my BFFs and I headed to atlantic city for some serious bday partying!

the best way to go out was in a white, 10-seat stretch limo... seriously, what other way is there?

retardedly cool

paparazzi was in full effect!

chris made sure the lobby was clear for our arrival

we got three rooms at the Borgata, cleverly removed from the strip for a grand view

sam and his cousin scotty made sure that the food was edible

while my birthday fate was all about winning money

some of us didn't do so well (joshua)

but the VIP table service at club MIXX ensured good times

Gaying it up in pink, flannel, sleeveless, hoodie and just gay
This is the album cover for our trip: gay strip
alternative version: kite flying

but it was too cold, and our rooms offered unrivaled comfort!

of course we had to get spa treatments !
and chill at the pool to recover from a night of champers
(oh, there was beer involved too)

and some platform dancing
bobby flay became our hero

especially with the delicious bottles of $150 wine!
too bad the weekend was so short...
but we totes needed our sleep...

come out to eastern bloc on wed for part two!

Monday, January 21, 2008

Lonesome Cry of Sam's Buffalo

yall that never came to the first show of Lonesome Cry of the Ghost Buffalo at Mercury Lounge are re tar day. I mean, come on. . .Sam is singing and playing guitar and his equally cute cousin on keyboards! Check out their music here.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Single of the Week

Yall, my friend Jason is the shit and he's single. He knows how to throw down (check out our Madrid pics somewhere in this blog).

and he can juggle

Friday, January 18, 2008

America's Next Top Dominican

Republic, that is... and not even touristy DR, but LA ROMANA (yeah, I haven't heard of it either). There happens to be a massive resort here (casa de campo, 7000 fucking acres) where everyone from Michael Jackson to Sammy Sosa have stayed... so it was worth checking out. Unfortunately I didn't take any photos (even of the complimentary golf carts they provided us to get around...like I said, MASSIVE resort).

But I did take photos of this Vegas model/dancer who didn't know her left foot from her right.

We took a private yacht out to the remote Catalina Island and I got tan and fat.

She liked to show off her assets... wait, that's too easy. she was a slut.

The purpose of the trip was to report on this new casino opening, thus we spent most of our time at (surprise!) a fucking casino.

But Vegas ho and I hit the nightlife scene...and met some other... hos.

Because La Romana is the biggest producer of premium cigars in the world, we just had to check out the factory.

Clearly, workers were incredibly happy to be there with their $80/week paycheck.

But, I suppose, at the end of the day, they have this

Sunday, January 13, 2008

aruba is the new aruba

when i came here in 2005 with my roomie, we were so disappointed. boring beach. no shopping. no culture. but shit, things have changed! not only was i impressed with the incredibly revamped infrastructure, i did things i didn't think i could do on this dutch caribbean island. Such as:

Get upgraded to a $1,000, ocean-front suite. JUST KIDDING. it was $1,300.
Or pile rocks (some weird island tradition started just when Blair Witch was released)
Or find dead animals on the beach
or cruise hot spaniards on de palma island.
or walk on the ocean floor with these weird-ass helmets to flick the fish.
or catch the sunset from my patio.
i was so happy and drunk!
and totes paid for it later.
i weirded out the local dutch by taking random photos of them...
and went off-roading on the other side of the island.
this was the crew who had to put up with me...
but at least i got to drink some dom perignon on a private catamaran while getting fat.
because the food was totes delish...
see? no lie