Monday, November 19, 2007

last days of kenya

A rough 45-minute commuter flight brought us to the Chyulu Hills to experience an 8-cabin luxury camp. It's the only one in the span of 400 square meters, and we were literally and truly in the middle of nowhere. There was—obviously—no streetlights (we had to be escorted to our tents at night), no WATER (water was fetched daily from the river 20 miles away), no tv, no phone service, no internet! Talk about prison. It took a while for me to acclimate, but I ended up wanting to never leave. Who else would turn down Mt. Kilamanjaro at the foot of your porch?

my safari team. Go safari!

We visited a primary school where the students welcomed us with a song and asked us questions like: "What is your name? Who is your president? Do you have a girlfriend?" I told them I liked men, but they didn't seem to get it. While Western kids ask for new video games and extended cell phone plans, these kids just wanted pens.

I wanted to adopt this kid.

lovely bones.

Though the safari here was less exciting, the sunsets and sunrises were awe-inspiring, including the fat rainbow on the last night. BTW: our camp was literally in the wild bound by nothing so animals roamed freely. On the last night, a lion prowled outside my tent, and I was haunted by the cackle and chase of jackyl. Um, ambien please?

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thwany said...

"jambo." that reminds me of mean girls when lindsay lohan is in the hs cafeteria on her first day of school and she goes up to the table of "black hotties" and says that.

yeah- cute kids btw.