Monday, July 28, 2008

MORNING WOOD, models and shit

Wait, so what did we miss this past week?

well, antoine realized that i'm fluent in spanish and cool.

and my friend borja finally arrived from london and the boys were all up in his kool-aid...

meanwhile eastern bloc got a go-go upgrade...

and the band morningwood invaded my block in the lower east side for a free outdoor concert. wow, i have never seen so many 16 year olds in my life!

ken was stoked cause he got to hang with the bitch.

down the street, who knew the hotel on rivington had one of the finest views of the city??

and some of the hottest boys around town??

Matt and I discovered a section of the city called ... something like ... wall street area?

and yoko devereaux didn't disappoint with his fall 2009 fashions.

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Spencer said...

What? you saw Morningwood and I didn't hear about it?!