Sunday, January 13, 2008

aruba is the new aruba

when i came here in 2005 with my roomie, we were so disappointed. boring beach. no shopping. no culture. but shit, things have changed! not only was i impressed with the incredibly revamped infrastructure, i did things i didn't think i could do on this dutch caribbean island. Such as:

Get upgraded to a $1,000, ocean-front suite. JUST KIDDING. it was $1,300.
Or pile rocks (some weird island tradition started just when Blair Witch was released)
Or find dead animals on the beach
or cruise hot spaniards on de palma island.
or walk on the ocean floor with these weird-ass helmets to flick the fish.
or catch the sunset from my patio.
i was so happy and drunk!
and totes paid for it later.
i weirded out the local dutch by taking random photos of them...
and went off-roading on the other side of the island.
this was the crew who had to put up with me...
but at least i got to drink some dom perignon on a private catamaran while getting fat.
because the food was totes delish...
see? no lie

1 comment:

d.pep. said...

if i was in aruba, i'd moon you on every beach. i'm sure that would result in a better picture of my butt on your blog.