Wednesday, January 2, 2008

oh eight is oh so great (so far)

so i still don't remember a good portion of my new years eve (Matt and I had a totes biblical party at his place then did some after-hours action at Beauty bar) but these pictures prove that:

I like to flex at 4 am.

I like to flex at 7 am.
matt drank from that bottle labeled "weird shit"
sparber decided it was the year he would bare teeth in photos
hmm. looks like ann talley with her boys. and me trying to feel my upper lip
it's been a while.
olivia and gav were like 2 of 3 straight people.
peps and alex did a drive by
this was actually the most exciting thing that happened all night

unemployed and teen vogue in the house!
chris finally does a do!

happy new year yall

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