Monday, May 12, 2008

hong kong-ye west

well, hong kong has nothing to do with kanye west, i don't know if he's even been here, but i do know that i'm so lonely ! not really, but it would have been great if you came along! it's rare that a hotel brings a journalist over from the states here, everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, knows my name and my itinerary. its kinda Stepford. nevertheless..

I'm staying at the Intercontinental, one of the top-rated hotels in the world. they put me in an executive suite (i dunno why) with ridic views of victoria harbor.

buuut, i had to change rooms cause i felt so isolated and needed to be closer to the people downstairs! (and—coincidentally enough!—i moved to the same floor as the spa).

damn bitch, get outta my shot!
(anyway, this is at that taoist temple where i had my fortune told which basically said that i run away from my problems. fucking chinese people. this is why i look horrified)

but i felt better after some yum yum dim sum.

these koy fish are getting a little too much steroids.

snake with your hennessey, anyone?

look! there's a white person all the way in the back.

i spent a little too much time on the pool terrace in the awesome heated pool with underwater music, and the infinity jacuzzi looking over the harbor. who woulda thunk this existed in hong kong?

alain ducasse's spoon restaurant was wicked awesome, and these patrons could hear me getting fatter by the minute.

funny thing is... i'm not actually working!

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