Tuesday, May 13, 2008

hong kong part 2: eat much?

so i decided to take this private dim sum class with a master chef.

we made dumplings (are you sure you know which dumplings (on right) are his and which are mine? look closer.

oh! before i get into the dead animals, i went to this gay bar where they had SVEDKA specials. who woulda thunk?

ok, so who wants duck?

and who ordered the suckling pig?

dead skinned baby pigeon anyone?

or perhaps a cage full of frogs?

surely you won't turn down the dead hanging chicken.

that's right. nothing deserves a finger wag like dead animals.

what made me feel better (not that i'm vegetarian or anything, surprise surprise) was the lightshow while drinking champagne on the rooftop of the presidential suite.

take me to nobu and... what dead animals?

its all about posing with the pose worthy food.

1 comment:

ann said...

Champers on the rooftop of the presidential suite? Are you just trying to make me insane with jealousy? I will be here to comfort you when they realize they've mistaken you for somebody else and move you to the Econo Lodge across town. It's OK Jimmy.