Tuesday, February 3, 2009

welcome to Chile

so. ok. i'm back in chile. it's been three years, and for some reason i feel like i'm doing it right this time (last time? boozing it up all day at ritz carlton in santiago, getting in car accidents in puerto montt and believing patagonia was nicer in argentina). this time? well, here goes...

I finally witnessed the great attractions Chile offers .... like large wine glasses!

i reunited with charles (behind me), and got to hang out with other cool journalists.. andrew evans (national geographic), chantel (bon appetite) and shira lazark (tv personality more than a journalist but she was perfect for this show we are filming)

our 16th floor lounge at the grand hyatt santiago was off the chile-ain...

shira, charles and i went out for my birthday at this private, underground party in the hills. the shitty dj actually took my birthday request (arcade fire: rebellion). hey, at least he played a good song!

shira brought the l.a.

this dude on the right is crazy. once he found out we were journalists from the US, he wouldn't stop following us around. who really wants to be around some douchebag in a retarded shirt?

food was orgasmic.

we eventually ended up in valparaiso, one of the most stunning, visually inspiring cities i've been to in my life. big statement, i know, but no lie.

the ubiquitous street art was as thrilling as the views.

it's gritty and urban and poor and beautiful and heartbreaking and raw

oh, btw, shira obs totes had a great time at that party in santiago!

sorry there's no hot guy olympics, but there's hot street art !

pablo neruda . that bastard and his nice home

incredible views of the port can be had.

obviously a trip to chile isn't complete without a trip to a vineyard... a couple times.

nothing like the scent of penguin shit getting caught up in the wind, blown into your eyes!

oh , we played with sheep too.

but the penguins were the real shizzle.

all walking toward an apocalyptic sun (hey... punta arenas is the "end of the world" after all)

speaking of penguins, there are so many here in chile's southern tip!

i was fortunate enough to meet this famous artist who's name i already forgot. but his house was cool.

our days were long as shit (averaged 5 hours of sleep) so dinners were wicked short, no matter how gorgeous the view was.

speaking of views, this was my cabin in patagonia.

where the views are fucking b to the t everywhere you go.

see. no lie.


the ones who bring the world to you or something like that.
oh, this backdrop appears fake, but it's quite real !

dedicated camera crew

and rock climbing! done and done! see you soon!


wax said...

can't wait to see photos of hot guys from chile!! lol. are there any? :D

Julio said...

My smart comment: I love the penguins.

Anonymous said...

good one... thanks for sharing....

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