Thursday, January 22, 2009

hot guy olympics: Uruguay!

are uruguayans hotter than argentines? you decide.

hot dads rule.

i was totally caught by these dumbasses who were like 50 feet away. the surfer dude on the left is totally rockin the 70s look and some yummer arms though

hola! como esta! let's fuck !

this guy totally practiced his beach walk before he came.

that little kid behind the hot stud on the right is totally farting.

those army cargos would look better off... or on his head like a chefs hat!

the bronze metal goes to this dumb american jock who somehow learned that punta del este was cool... but nobody told him what was uncool was his boardshorts. off, please.

this guy is totes cuddle material.

this guy is a date rapist, but a hot one.

speaking of cute boys who don't need to overcompensate with retard-ay goatees

i thought this guy was checking out the girl's ass but you can't see that big tub of lube to her right. no joke.

let's hope this guy's mullety hair doesn't get any mulleter.

look! it's ryan goseling's younger brother !

i know where you can put that antique key, bitch. . . in a door lock!

dude in the middle was off the chain hot ... and married. the girl on the left really thought i wanted her in the shot.

no lie: this guy was the housekeeper. talk about fantasy

as you noticed, i started giving up on sneaky shots and just flat out made this hottie pose for me. this dude totally wants to win a metal for hot guy olympics uruguay. hmm. ok, you come in second with a silver..

hung, horse, you get it.

the winner of hot guy olympics uruguay... marcelo! or whatever his name was. he can serve me drinks all fucking day. and i can write anything i want to about it cause he doesn't have a computer. "I like to be all natural," he said. whatever fool. then take off your clothes.

but the close calls were: doorman at sheraton montevideo, who actually looks a lot better when he's frowning (which he did 25/7)

this dude who clearly illustrates it's ok to walk around town shirtless. no big deal

my future husband marcelo

and uruguay's jamie oliver (far right)


wax said...

i love your blog! dang these hot guys from uruguay just made my day.

wax said...

i love your blog! dang these hot guys from uruguay just made my day.

Anonymous said...