Wednesday, May 6, 2009

back to the santiago/ buenos aires future (or past) . . wait... ?

last week, it was back to sunnny santiago (if you could see through the fog. cause the sky ain't white). statue one: "what the fuck?" statue two: "I know , right?"

i somehow ended up at this table full of white people eating asian food because that's what they like! ethnic food! it was actually delish on a dish.

the business guy in Lan airlines' business class on the left is like, "shit. i'm going to miss Drag Race."

i love santiagoaners. especially orlando (second to left) who was all like: "come to this after party with me" at like 5 am. i'll show you after party, bitch.

joe is sooo misshapes !

speaking of joe, thanks for the friendly bitch slap heard around the world (give or receive, you'll never know).


anyway, we did that whole get on the airplane and see what it's like when someone lights a cigarette thing or something. look! it's santiago in a plane! jk. I LOVE santiago. but orlando sucks.

oh, we totally saw this spanish woman sing at a tango show when we arrived in buenos aires. it was a total surprise, bitch could belt it.

this bitch about to bust.

nothing is as swank as philippe starck's faena hotel + universe.

not even axel hotel, the only gay-only hotel in south america. but it was totes awesome, with lots of glass and mirrors and glass. like glass wall showers glass.

until next time, take the stairs ! that makes absolutely no sense but i accidentally uploaded this photo and needed something catchy!


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