Tuesday, May 26, 2009

plane crashes, guys who stare and $200 lobsters in St Barts

for (un)memorial day, joshua and i decided to take a "weekender" to the glammy whammy french St Barts in the Caribbean. It's a crazy commercial flight over (from st maarten) where the puddle jumper (i like to think "private jet") literally takes a nosedive into the runway.

You absolutely have to rent a car. Joshua, who got his drivers licence like an hour ago, drove the whole time with the parking brake up, hit a few things, scratched up the car, started the windshield wipers when not necessary and didn't know how to put it in 4WD... and he's STILL a better driver than me

we stayed at the uberluxe Guanahani, in a 2-br oceanview suite. Joshua was obs happy about this.

Oh, did I mention our own private pool (with alarm, fugged up i know!)

we made friends with turtles and iguanas and, after eating them, we just swam a lot.

this was our shitty view. jk. it was off the chizaiin

our favorite beach was saline... nude optional!

hey! who's the dumbass who put out their cigarette on their sand-colored towel thinking it was sand?

speaking of idiot, this guy could get it.

did i mention nudity? oui oui, merci !

here's that flying guy and how i was supposed to put this picture before the "he's flying" picture but it's like 1:30 and i have to go to the gym soon.

oh shit here's that hot guy who caught me taking a picture of him. he totally wanted me though.

joshua and i went sailing one early morning and on our way back to the beach...

we saw this! a fucking plane crashed!

it's so LOST. . as in no one was hurt... for now.

this is st jean, where we did our sailing and shit and the water was like a warm bath.
un otro island shot.

guess which car joshua parallel parked?

this french guy was all like, "oui oui! I like zee outdoor sports!" Im like shut the fuck up and show me your huge dack (a dack is a handmade fishing rod )

until the next $200 lobster!

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