Wednesday, June 17, 2009

toronto reunion

so it's been 8 years since i've been back to my former stomping ground toronto (which you think dates me but because i was there when i was 18, that makes me 26 years old!).

of course, the first thing i had to do was see my TO BFF kris.

oh, wait, first, here's the skyline from my room at the park hyatt. have you noticed how much it's changed?

i also reunited with my friend jeremy, where we drank beers in this parking lot. just like old times!

tatijana is still the same beautiful person she was 8 years ago, and pretty strong considering she was effortlessly holding my drunk ass up.

hey look, it's anderson cooper! just kidding. that's adam.

this big black guy at the gay bar woody's is all like, "wait a minute.... wrong bar?"

my after party was pretty nutty, especially since cait grew her hair out , whatever that means (i'm on like 3 deadlines so none of these deks will make sense ish)

foxley ... the new restaurant opened by the chef of tempo, where i used to work, and he still only staffs gay guys!

kris is on, like 2 hours of sleep, thanks to the bag of heroin.


of course, i had to go out and see the fake dinosaurs at the ROM...

and check out frank gehry's facelift to the oga.

look, andy warhol! i wasn't supposed to take this photo but i gave the security guard a handjob in the elevator.

tat's new baby!

kris hard at work. his paintings.

until next time ...


Kris Knight said...

oh god that's funny, I like the bag of heroin part. Come back soon. k

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Jack said...

I like the second picture..All are so funny!!

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