Monday, June 8, 2009

g-rated paris

because i'm getting into all sorts of trubs with my blog, i thought i would go g-rated. how lovely and wonderful !

here i am in front of the eiffel tower! you won't ever see a local posing for the same shot!
not only was it the french open, some racing thing, and mother's day but there was an infestation of these oversized, plastic rabbits!

can you believe i had to eat one of these fuckers at a michelin rated restaurant?

this is where cecilia ( had her phone stolen from her bag while april (elle mag) tried to cancel her blackberry... only two hours after we had arrived!

you could see the eiffel tower from any vantage point, really

but sometimes i wasn't really paying attention.

who doesn't love collette?

oh, so the main reason i was in paris... i was reporting on issey miyaki's new fragrance launch (august 2009) which is going to be wicked awesome... !

here's a sneak peek of the bottle. more to come

i spent some time at notre dame where tribute was paid to crew and passengers of the disappearing plane. very sad.

more sad was this american couple who were like "hey, what's that glass thing comin from the ground?"

checked out the new philippe starck-designed bon restaurant..

i'm sorry.. what??? vintage louis vuitton elevator at le dokhan??

while we're on the subject of designers, christian dior institute is one for the books

as is the glam plaza athenee (where carrie bradshaw stayed in the final episodes of sex in the city)

oh look! drunk journalists.

and who can't forget martin (middle) who showed me the caves of paris. good thing we found this hottie (right) who didn't speak a fucking word of english ! (or french , for that matter, as he was waaassted)

until next time from my hotel room!


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