Thursday, June 12, 2008

myspace comment of the year

well i'm in atlanta and there's a thunderstorm so what else is there to do than read your redneck friend's myspace comments? this is the real deal:

Zach Jenkins- who wantz to feel the zachhammer

Jun 9 2008 8:59 PM

well i'm glad to here your priorities are coming in to play. having a kid is the single most amazing thing to had ever happened in my life. it's changing everything man. chris i do love you dude, like my blood man me and you have had some great time togather so i'll be strait up with you. Jen told me that you stole my ipod, jordans camera, i personally had a lot of clothes come up missing. anyways... I'm not blaming you. i'm just saying that i helped you with alot of shit,and for you to have done that,that would have been pretty shady but as far as i know thats in the past, even if it was you that stole, i would forgive you. your friendship is worth more than those material things. if you didn't do that shit than i'm sorry i came at you that way. you don't owe me any explanation, because it's not an acusation, i don't know if that is spelled right lol. we need to hang out. anyways get at me.

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