Monday, June 30, 2008

Go Espana, Euro 2008 !

because ann and i happened to be in Spain when they advanced to quarter finals (major victory in 44 years!) we had no choice but to join the celebrations in the streets...

i love spaniards .

and shirtless spaniards..

and happy spaniards..

oh hi. whats your name?

things got a little rowdy down in las ramblas..

and people got naked...

silly , silly ann really thinks i'm taking a picture of her.

this hot dude (l) was all up in my camera...

f to the i to the e to the s to the t to the a
more partying. . . ann was afraid of getting "clocked in the head"

i on the other hand was victim of some messiness this guy had up his sleeve. fool, gettin me all wet and shit.

this adorable 20 year old was nice enough to smoke me and ann up (first time in about 7 years... but hey, i'm in spain!)

this 20 year old was all up in ann's kool aid. but bitch gave him the finger wag.

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