Thursday, June 19, 2008

full moon + gay = goodtimes

maybe it was the full moon that made the gays behave ... well, not so appropriately... but, hey, what do you expect at goodtimes?

our favorite ex-g0-go kyle was pissed because i played billy joel.

antoine was just being himself.

these guys were really up to no good... you can't see, but the two guys on the end were holding the middle guy's balls.

hey, look! it's will, the lead singer of imperial teen!

sam has no gayme... even with this random black guy... oh wait, that's eddie!

kyle sucks mic(k)

newbie andy (left), mike (mids) and french cutie max (right) were all up in my kool aid all night, forcing me to be a bad dj.

i love it when guys roll through already on ecstacy.

oh look! the guy who hates my music! but there was that MGMT confession...

someone threw something which ended up in my hand and in max's mouth... almost

see you at our SUPER GAY GOODTIMES next week

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