Saturday, October 18, 2008

lake placid (or Why Can't You Be More Closer to the City)

As I write this, I'm eating left-over lasagna and fried calamari from Via Del Mille. This has nothing to do with my trip to Lake Placid last week for Columbus Day weekend. I had my impressions of "upstate." Clearly, I was so wrong !

The train ride goes through some amazing landscapes that you don't get driving a car. Thank god I woke up 5 1/2 hours into it.

My first hotel was Mirror Lake Inn on ... you guessed it!... Mirror Lake. This was the mighty view from my cabin.

The main cabin.

Main Street.

My main man's property on Lake Placid (CEO of sony, that fucker).

I took a boat trip on lake placid (keep in mind, this is NOT the lake placid from the movie Lake Placid, so there were no damn man-eating monster crocodiles to hunt for)

suck my dock.

this was my cabin at Lake Placid Lodge, a pretty sweet hideaway for celebs.

these were the two serbian housekeepers I had convinced to give me a full-body massage for an hour in my cabin (long story, and thanks guys!)

The exhaustive (but beautiful) train ride back. This bald guy was all like "ohmigod it's like so gorgeous"

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