Monday, October 27, 2008

CSI, BVI, TMI, FYI.. acronyms are fun in Virgin Gorda!

well, if you eventually get here. If you are like me and have bad travel luck (or just a double air sign), you'll most likely be stranded in Puerto Rico after forgetting your passport at home.

This is how I felt :(

But I guess it wasn't THAT bad.

After $200 on comfort food and a fedexed passport later, I finally made it to Virgin Gorda !

Biras Creek is a Relais & Chateaux property, completely removed from the other resorts, sprawled over 150 retains that "old school" caribbean beat (no lame-ass shit like bamboo (seriously? that's so not carib)) ... and they put me in a GRAND suite ($1,500 a night). I don't know why. why? I don't know. But this was my freestanding bathtub in a bathroom bigger than my apt with outdoor showers. how "eco chic"

oh and note my wrap around deck with private infiniti pool. Also note how dangerously close my cabin is to the shore ! old school indeed!

ah, the boys of summer. Jerzey (left) is the jack-0f-all-trades guy who works here, kendis (below right) is an anchor for Fox (ugh) and eddie was his bitch (video guy).

The Baths is one of those places listed as "1001 places to see before you die." i'm glad I did. otherwise and obviously i would die unhappy according to the book.

but seriously this shit was the shizzle off the cave dizzle. The Baths is a geological formation of large granite stones with a labyrinth of trails, pools, caves and such. It's really something else.

this is where you end up if you read the map right, goonies style.

seriously, eddie, really?

he's lucky he's cute (and a construction worker and part time fireman)!

jerzy is so OC meets Gossip Girls. I'll gossip his OC.

This was just a hot random aussie on the beach (staying at Richard branson's private island, $4800 per night!)
i got to drive some pretty butched-up go carts....

and maxed out the speed on my boston whaler.

while Eddie, who came out to snorkel with me, disappeared for a good 30 minutes. fucker. I'll still get you for giving me the panic attack and making me fuck up the whaler going over coral looking for your white ass, thinking you were dead. fucker !

denise, the fitness instructor, had me doing pilate, yogalates, pool-lates, kayakalates and other lates to offset the fatness i've become

because this was basically my trip (with food)

did i mention my private infiniti pool?

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