Monday, November 17, 2008

crocodile hunter in riviera maya

I can't say no to mexico (so, essentially, i can't say mexi-no!)... which brought me back to the riviera maya.

I spent most of my time reporting on the new Banyan Tree, a luxury resort due to open in February. It's in Mayakoba, which is relatively new. It's a truly amazing enclave of resorts that was completely underground with its own ecosystem. "Unroofed" ten years ago, it now comprises fresh water canals, tall mangroves, even crocodiles! I took a lancha (covered boat) to go look for some. Obviously, I'm no crocodile hunter, so instead we discovered these cenotes (underwater caves).

here is a sneak peek of the Banyan, right along the canal. Someone might kill me for posting this (I had an exclusive preview so it's not even complete or open to viewing for public) so absorb it while you can amigos before i'm forced to take this image down!

at one point, i got super bored from exhaustive touring so i took a lot of pictures like this.

and this. . .

and this...

luckily i was saved with a field trip to the ruins of Tulum.

Tulum still has the best beaches this side of the Yucatan.

Most of the journalists were from Denver, except 74-year-old Jim, who I went to Los Cabos with last year, and who is weird as an old man. Like, ran from the law when he was 26 weird.

love the euros. .

Our tour took us to Yal Ku, a completely white people-less area on the coast where fresh water meets salt water... there are cenotes here . . .

but not as cool as the ones in this park a few miles away. It brought to mind Turistas and Descent, although the only scary thing here was my gut.

the whole park was perfectly "jungle" like a hollywood set, though it was as real as these white canadians.

my resort, mandarin oriental, is fairly new (feb) and had some of the sickest rooms in the area.

but the beach at maroma stands unrivaled (ish to tulum)... travel channel has voted it one of the best beaches in the world, and I agree...

but whatever, i'm skinny now, and this is an aerial view of Fifth ave, the bustling main street in playa del carmen.

this is a hot dj who played shitty music.

and our hot server, andres, who I said buh-bye to after learning he just graduated high school

peter (behind us) got "i'm an ex-thespian" drunk.

this is the guy i wanted to get drunk.

and POSE !

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