Friday, November 7, 2008

miami beach wedding crashers

so last weekend was my best bitch's wedding. i've known katie since that first pill of ecstacy in high school. she's (finger wag) fierce !

she got married on lincoln road at a small chapel. that's so Miami. (actually, i don't think it is but it sounded cool too say)

afterward, people on the street stopped to see the celebrity that escorted the newlyweds. Sorry, fans, that I did not have a pen for autographs.

margaret is my bitch #2 and it touches my heart to see that she's cut back substantially on drinking.

bitches and hot hos. and a little girl meditating behind us.

can you believe that katie's paid photographer was 7 years old?

Her new hubby angelo makes more money that me and my past 6 lives. fyi. jk. i have no idea how much he makes. jk. not really.

i asked for smiles and got girls gone wild.

speaking of guys i want to have sex with, here's what's his name, a personal trainer at david barton. swoon!

dragica knows how to ride that aiden train. rain won't stop the reception at the raleigh!

oh, i'm sorry.. but who picks the best ipod tunes?

later margaret and i met up with the gays at some gay ass gay club where this hot straight go go dancer and her... did stuff....

i got stuck with the ugly one. but he liked rubbin his woodchop on my thigh... i love weddings!

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