Sunday, November 9, 2008

something fishy in Tokyo

i thought it would be nice to give the Peninsula hotel Tokyo a review (considering it opened less than a year ago with unfavorable timing (economy)) so i jetted over to the land of the rising sun (NOT forgetting my passport, thanks) to give it some editorial love...

The Peninsula hotel chain is one of the most fanciest schmaciest in the world (Peninsula Chicago is the top-rated US hotel).

My view of Ginza was off the chinkizzle.

not to mention my deluxe bathroom with like 40 control pads. talk about complicated royalty. at least the seat was heated, and the toilet lid came up automatically (sensor), with the seat lifting at the push of the button. There's also this button that has water squirting up your a-hole... "butt" let's not go there. .

oh, my other window had views of the imperial palace and preserved dirty moat !

of course the first thing i did was have a nice sushi meal !

it was either that or this....

ginza is the most recognized area in tokyo with a million shops and 24543 million people.

i was told a trip to tokyo wasn't complete without a visit to the Tsukiji Fish Market, the biggest "port" in the world. These 200-lb tunas don't stand a fucking chance.

hey, look! it's the notorious blow fish!

tuna heads as vendor stall furnishings are all the rage.

naturally, i hopped on the subway to experience a ratless (and white people-less) commute.

oh, wait, let's talk about the art. it's, like, le everywhere.

and pretty fucking cool



here are the honky journalists who made me get on my knees at the Meiji temple.

speaking of getting on my knees...

what's fucked up in tokyo is that you can't smoke on the streets. how violating !!!

i ended up at harajuki to max out my credit cards (no lie)

i'll get you, tokyo!!!

to be continued...

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