Saturday, September 22, 2007

Madrid is for alcoholics

because i had a layover in madrid, I opted to take a couple nights to explore the gorgeous city with my friend jason (who was traveling in barcelona). we stayed at the fucking ritz, baby, while spent most of our time shopping, partying, drinking, partying and being re- tar- day !

sure, we might look well-behaved...

but we met up with my boy Will (right), Borja's lil bro, and his friend Miguel...

(did i mention will is a total babe?)

and got properly t to the r to the a the s to the h to the e to the d

this was our super sweet waiter from goya

and pedro, mr fine as spaniard, as i like to call him. i started busting the moves, when he was all like, "oh no! i have a boyfriend". I was like, he ain't here, beotch.


what? who is this?

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