Saturday, September 1, 2007

playgirl mag takes over the big easy

Southern Decadence is a big, messy gay event held in New Orleans every year. This year's big surprise (following Hurricane Wilma) was that there was nobody there! Everyone moved the fuck out of the city! Less options for random sex!

Just kidding.

It was pretty crazy, getting all mardi-gras'ed out while drunks on balconies pegged you with bead necklaces. I DJed a Daniel Nardicio / Playgirl magazine party, and had just a little bit of time to try some creole (not really, I ate at like all these asian restaurants)

Playgirl magazine shoot
whats up fool

playgirl models (the guy on the right is so into it)

this hot dude doesn't even know how hot he is

that guy in the background looks like he has a cool watch!

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