Friday, September 21, 2007

Spanglish: Discovering Andalucia

I love Spain more than prescription pain killers. Especially Andalucia (the southern region), which locals will be quick to say is still very Spanish while the northern region (barcelona, madrid, etc) has adapted to a European lifestyle. After all, this is the heartland from where most iconic Spanish rituals originated: bullfighting, flamenco dancing, tapas, olive oil, hot guys.

What also makes Andalucia unique is that it has strong Islamic roots, as the Moors reign went on for centuries in the former half of the millenium. Here is modern Seville, which retains that historical value that makes it so compelling.

the famous cathedral

royal palace

city view

columbus libary. this shit was FASCINATING... this was a private wing that I was fortunate enough to enter (it's not open to public, only researchers). All the records of the new world voyage are kept here, including some of C. Columbus' original documents (like passenger lists, maps, etc). Seville is where he docked after discovering America.

this globe is from 1867

hot matador smuggling huge grapes

sure, i gave this bullfighting thing a shot..

really wasn't my thing.

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