Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Spanglish: Discovering Andalucia part 3

The intricate history of Andalucia has left the greatest mark on Granada: it's here where the last of the Muslim kingdom reigned in the fifteenth century, so much of the influence is still prominent in the culture, architecture, cuisine and even character of Spaniards. Interacting with locals or simply people watching, you'll find the denizens more reserved. In fact, gypsies still inhabit the hills, living in gutted-out caves that lack electricity and running water. Crazy! But the fact that Granada is the most cosmopolitan of all three cities is what makes it unique. The city keeps growing. Founded just at the foot of of the Sierra Nevada range, the infrastructure has expanded in a curve around the hills, so it continues to get more modern. Ain't you heard the old adage : "If you haven't seen Granada, you haven't seen anything"? Sure, this may have been announced before the time of trendy Gran Via's bustle, but the nod is saluted primarily to the Alhambra.. yeow!

commanding view of the alhambra

inside the alhambra

hello there fishie!

famous (and gay) flamenco singer who still lives in a cave. this dude rolls with bill clinton.

city view

some jerk is blocking the beautiful garden views of the alhambra

granada is the shiz nit

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