Friday, October 12, 2007

Bedroom Invasion #2: KLAXONS

Quite literally. I'm laying in bed when suddenly the Klaxons come barging in around midnight to watch Conan O ' Brien, of which they performed/recorded earlier that day.

Like a weird uncle, those crazy fuckers drank all my booze and had me up til 5 am. Because I really like them, I didn't give them the finger wag, and it was absolutely entertaining to watch them watching them on my tv. Go see the Klaxons at Webster Hall tonight.

Waiting for their performance on Conan!

The "you did a great job!" hug. Yall, my roommate Cat (left) is in an awesome band Holy Hail and they've toured with the likes of Rapture and New Young Pony Club. They are leaving again next week to tour with Bonde Do Role... Check them out !

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Kris Knight said...

rock star bedroom..hey where's my painting? xo