Wednesday, October 31, 2007

INDIA: not so darjeeling limited

Sorry it's taken a week to upload. But I had to board the Deccan Odyssey, a "luxury" train ride through the state of Maharashtra (train in the heart of rural india = no internet). Darjeeling Limited seriously got nothing on this bad-ass cruiser (well, maybe hotter guys. Deccan: think cruise ship clientele.)

Goodbye taj mahal ;(
Hello Deccan Odyssey!
oh wait... wrong picture. Hello Deccan Odyssey!
oh, meet the crew! me, jen, KT and daniel. We took a fishing boat to a historic fort in Sindhudurg.
Goa is pretty much a hippy's wet beach dream (and very European as it is a former Portuguese colony), and we ended up visiting some pretty awesome churches including the Basilica De Born Jesus, where the tomb of St Francis Xavier (faaamous saint) resides. Grody gross.
The further we traveled into the heart of Maharastra our itineraries became more "off-the-beaten-path." Americans become more "exotic" to the locals, leading to kids who want their pictures taken with you and street hawkers who can smell us from miles away. Oh, and it's also where wrestling originated. HOT!
This was India all day, all the time. Except a little dirtier. what?
Two points if you can find the Asian.
When we arrived at the Ajanta Caves, I was somehow promoted from freelance writer to prince.
The Ajanta Caves originate as early as 2 B.C. and feature the oldest paintings in the world (!), so there was no doubt I spent hours marveling at the preserved artwork on the cave walls and ceilings in several gutted out Buddhist temples. They remained unnoticed until 1819 when British officers stumbled upon them during a tiger hunt, making the history of these caves much more profound. Thanks, Brits!
Cave #10. One of the best. shit, so amazing.
These were buddhist temples, don't forget kids!
I didn't ever want to leave. Maybe it was that sense of inner peace.
But I eventually ended up back in Mumbai. Have you noticed I gained 178 pounds? Grody gross. See ya this weekend! happy halloween!


Matthew said...
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Matthew said...

Where are all the chicken tiki masalas? Don't they run rampanat in India?