Tuesday, October 23, 2007

India: 28 Days Later

If you're going to come to India make sure you pack some Pringles. Don't get me wrong. The food here is outstanding and no less than authentic because it's, like, you know, India, but 3x daily meals of curry and spicy dishes will have the kids knocking on your back door in no time.

I started my visit in the capital of Mumbai (Bombay), a schizophrenic city where 17 million denizens jostle each other on the streets. There's no sense of order, limited pedestrian cross walks, no "grid" street systems and a hell of a lot more cabs than Indian Gods.

Because the chaos can get a little unnerving, your hotel should be an uncompromised sanctuary. I stayed at the Taj Palace, which couldn't have been more of a home away from home away from home. Built more than 100 years ago, it's right at the Gateway of India and always on Conde Nast's 20 top hotel lists.

chillin at the pool

Gateway of India out my window

Ghandi's home ! (well, not really. Because he gave up his riches, he crashed at his friend's house, but this was his room)

Outside Jain's shrine

hot dude with a ritualistic headshave

seriously, kid, get off that roof!

i'm sorry. what?

there's really no separation between pedestrians and vehicles. and the pedestrians don't hold back when they see a hot bitch (jenna). this was 28 Days Later.. India-style for sure


Matthew said...

Dude- looks fucking amazing. I wish I was there. You're not missing much in New York. Miss you!!

thwany said...

it's always been one of my lifelong dreams to go to india. i tried going while i was traveling asia earlier this year but it was insanely expensive to get there. your trip looks amazing.