Monday, October 1, 2007

New York Secrets 1: cheap-ass brunch

because when you spend all your money on booze on the weekend, two bucks can break that "I-can't-afford-to-eat-on-weekends" routine.
Take your broke ass to Fried Dumpling at Delancey and Broome (ok- it's not really a secret. New York magazine raves about this place).

mmm. i could eat dumplings all day.


"How delicious!" says Joshua.

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ann said...

Duh! If you are going to write a post about this place being so cheap you should say that it only costs one dollar for 5 dumplings, 2 dollar for 10. I will top-edit yr blog from now on just to make it better. No need to shower me with praise, I am just doing what I can to improve you. It is a long and arduous process. Love, Ann Talley