Friday, December 28, 2007

christmas in miami

because atlanta can go a little overboard with holiday spirit, my parents and i (and my cousins) decided to take a road trip to miami!

8 hours isn't that long when you pop a xanax or two.

Viva Miami!
My cousins (and uncle) plotting an escape plan from the shitty hotel i booked (it really wasn't that bad!).
papa chillin like matt dillon
the 'rents

scene from "asia invades florida"
Hi! I just popped a vicadin!
Gorgeous Palm Beach (where the one-hour fishing detour was more like, uh, FIVE hours)
The baby sting ray my uncle caught.
The makeshift "pool" i created so it wouldn't suffer before they like killed it. (they ended up throwing it back into the ocean, thank god!)
Fishing like true rednecks
my doggy says "happy holidays!"

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