Saturday, December 1, 2007

held up at Peninsula hotel in Philippines

I feel bad for those guys. Because that's a whole day of missing out on this country, which, by the way, doesn't really feel like Asia. Maybe it's the Spanish colonial history, or even the strong Western influence. Sometimes I feel like I'm in Puerto Rico. Weird. Nonetheless, these quirks give the Philippines its charm. And don't worry- I haven't forgotten about the beaches. Wow. Philippines. (if you are in the travel industry, you'll get this. Unless I"m just retarded).

We were all obsessed with the window wiper at the Hyatt.

Me in General Macarthur's suite at the Manila Hotel. Oh come on, we learned about him in history class, fools.

Fort Santiago

My cute cousins who have nothing to do with the Philippines, but they are SO cute!

What? You didn't know Philippines was the only Catholic country in Asia??

This is a man-made islet where we had dinner on our resort in Bohol, which is where the villages are the most authentic. Comprising several islands, Bohol is home to the natural phenomenon of the chocolate hills and the weird-ass tarsiers, a monkeyish primate. They are so fucking weird.

Chocolate Hills (see behind this funny guy). The cone-shaped hills turns brown during dry season so they look like hershey's kisses.

Me and crazy-famous Nick Ut on the river cruise.

Nick is a pulitzer-prize winning photographer who shot this famous photo in the Vietnam war.

He also shot this.

Yeow! The creepy strange Tarsier! and my crazy-ass pimple!

Watch out!


ann said...

Bring one of your insanely adorbs cousins back home with you. He can be my new roomate so we'll all live on the same floor!

Matthew said...

You're a monkey.