Thursday, December 13, 2007

the good life in ISRAEL

No, really it exists (or at least that's what I'm here to discover). Sure, there's a war going on, but why should that deter people from exploring a beautiful country? Go travel bitches, especially Israel!

My first Israeli gas station (hey, we are driving everywhere, it makes sense, shalom!)

Stopped in Haifa up north to check out this gorgeous garden.

The Bahaii Shrine and garden during the day. Doesn't it kinda resemble the Hanging Garden (7 ancient wonders) ?

Okay, maybe the "mens bathroom" sign is a little scary, but not as bad as my driver's pony tail.

Akka... an ancient seaport/world heritage site...

Walled in

Chillin' trannie hooker

A different kind of "hookah"

The sea of galilee, where jesus apparently walked on water (behind me)

The town where he grew up!

This is the church (or remnants of it inside the new one) where Mary was told she was going to pop that hippy out

Just arrived in Tel Aviv... will post soon depending on how much trouble i get myself into..


ann said...

Don't die! Just kidding. "Pop that hippy out" you are funny. I miss you and I'm just now getting over the fact you won't be here for my birthday tomorrow. Did I remind you it's my birthday tomorrow. Cool.

Matthew said...

Oh say shalom Alechem! L'shna Tovah teka tavyoo.
Shabat Shalom Baby!!!