Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Philippines 2: island hopping and not doing drugs

After some Boholing, we headed over to Cebu, the second largest city in the Philippines, chockfull of history and WOW! beaches.

Shangri La was uber-luxe, and they upgraded me to an executive suite because I wore red. And because I was like, "No, I don't want this dessert. Guh ross."

Cebu is famous for being the first city founded in Philippines by Magellan in 1527. Remember him yall? This is THE spot where he first landed, spiking a cross into the ground.

Then he built this church.

And then he got killed right here on Mactan Island. I KNOW. They LIED to us in history class. He never completely circumnavigated the world... but his ship and crew did (I'll get you Mr. Tibbetts, you fucking liar)

This was the dude who machete'ed his ass

Because I was so upset for being mislead, I decided to head over to Boracay, a popular tourist destination and one of the best islands I've ever been to (big statement, I know). The water is fucking gorge, sandy beaches run the length of the island's 6 whopping miles and you can get full body, one hour massages for 5 bucks on the beach. Whodadunk?

Just another day...

Oh, I discovered a cave and called it cave I discovered.

This was my sweet-ass suite at the Boracay Regency.

Did you notice my back deck? The pool is LITERALLY at my steps (they call it suite with pool access... so clever).

Here in the Philippines, you get the death sentence for drug trafficking. No lie. And you can get imprisoned for buying it. I kid you not. So I just ate a lot of crab.


ann said...

Orchids in yr hotel room? Nice touch. You know the accomodations slightly differ back here in 4N. Why am I fueling yr gloat-fest though? I never learn. Now you are going to tell me it's not a hotel room it's an "executive suite" I can hear you now. Have fun anyway. Get totally whacked on crab.

thwany said...

awesome cave.