Sunday, April 6, 2008

going Green(land) part 2

so it got fucking cold. and snowed. not a blizzard, but ish.

here is the tiny-ass town i'm staying in.

oh, and they throw seal guts back in the sea(l).

took a sail anyway...



hey, look ! an iceberg! ok. its not as big as the one that took out the titanic (note: yes, it was a greenlandic iceberg)

the CUTEST kid in greenland!

I stopped over at the camp for the skiers of the arctic circle race. this dude has no idea.

note: there is a "hut" in the shape of a UFO that sleeps 11 in the middle of nowhere. another note: there are no trees in greenland.

view from my room.

the winner of the ACR!

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Tanner said...

Looks pretty cold, but awesome! Those seal guts look yummy!