Friday, April 4, 2008

Going Green(land)

Greenland obviously isn't the most sought-after destination. But I said fuck it and took the long-ass flight over. I had no expectations but arctic weather and sleepy towns but quite honestly, it's been a stunning trip. As soon as we landed in Kangerlussuaq, one of the main cities, we hopped on snowmobiles for a FIVE HOUR ride to the small town of Sissimiut. Sure, I was like, "do you fuckers know who I am?" but you can't always be a prince and little did I know it would be one of the most awe-inspiring moments in my life.

Before departing, I said goodbye to this dead muscan oxe.

I donned my helmet a la Uma Thurman, ready for the trek.

Two hours into it, of course MY fucking snowmobile broke down on top of a frozen lake.

But it was a blessing in disguise. I had time to absorb the commanding scenery (yep, they didn't need my help fixing the snowmobile, thanks). I have never been to a destination this quiet. I used to think that being submerged under water was the quietest it could ever get. But no. Here there's a roaring silence, so quiet that the sound of your breath is amplified.

Some more scenery. Half frozen lake that an Australian photographer fell into.

Hey! There's the town of Sissimiut up ahead!

100 miles of traveling on a snowmobile on intermediate terrain: priceless. Getting off the snowmobile, slipping on snow and injuring my hand: imagine that. Cute doctor who never treated me at the hospital for my injury.

Because I came to report on the Arctic Circle Race (the longest and most challenging in the world)....

Adorbs, local Innuit kids.

Dog sledding is the new Ferrari.

Ok, so maybe I can still be a prince. like a greenlandic one.

these bitches work hard for their money.

After all, there is a delicious reward!

That sometimes doesn't settle right.