Friday, April 18, 2008

why Barbados wasn't included in the Kokomos song

i'm actually not sure why it wasn't included in the song, to be honest. Alls I know is that it's big on rich brits, low on gay. perhaps I'm just a lil burnt out from traveling?

because my friend carly who writes for aol didn't come in until late, the nice folk at the gorgeous, timeless fairmont royal pavilion set up an awesome dinner for one on my patio.

in the morning, carly and I could not wait to get smashed at the Mount Gay rum distillery!

we then decided to take a tour in Harrisons Cave, which totes reminded me of the Descent.

Seriously, don't trust this beyotch.

This was my best shot for Barbuda's Next Top Model, and it wasn't good enough for the judges, so I was sent home.

we did a lot of old people things. like check out George washington's home (2 months, when he was 19)

we checked out anorexics by the pool...

we ate some pretty weird risotto...

we ate hungover...

went to museums ... (getting the picture?)

but at least there's the beach....

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