Tuesday, April 15, 2008

the strangest things in Bimini, Bahamas

I suprisingly hadn't ever been to the bahamas and i didn't have high expectations going to Bimini. After all, it's a tiny island (pop 1,600) with not much to do besides... well, fishing (it's the fishing capital of the world, meaning rednecks, fat rednecks and the wonderful smell of gutted fish!).

I have to admit, I was so wrong (besides the redneck(ish) part). This island is truly amazing. Not only is it rich in history (this is where Ernest Hemingway vacationed, fashed, drank rum, wrote the novel Islands in the Stream) but its full of myths and legends the world over knows about. From the Fountain of Youth (it's HERE, not in Florida, boneheads), to the Lost City of Atlantis (they discovered large stones making a "road" in the middle of the sea that are made of granite (not found in bahamas) with grooves in the stones for easy assembly).

anyway, let me take you down memory lane, white trash style!

oh, it's like a 20 minute flight from miami (bimini is the closest to the states), and so we took a private plane and i guess the pilot was crazy enough to let me co-pilot... watch out, birds...

This was my crew, hippie to my left, diva to my right. loves ! They rep the island and tried to show me a good time. unfortunately there was no hummus so i was rightfully pissed.

Oh! so here's the fountain of youth. in the middle of nowhere. Ponce De Leon came to find it in the early 1500s after he was tipped off by indians. . . does it work? Let's find out... first you gotta pull the damn rope to get the pail from the water below.

surprising not as deep as that well jessica fell into

this was not a dare.

apparently it only works if you drink the water. i did. and it went back in the well.

compleat angler hotel, hemingway's old stomping ground no more.

i'm pointing to the Road to Bimini. That shit was nuts. you're snorkeling with sting rays, barracudas and other shit, and the underwater road is, well, seriously... i believe (as does ansil saunders, bonefishing guide i met, who took out martin luther king for a trip while he was writing his eulogy... MLK confessed to him that he had a weird feeling he was going to die soon. 3 days later, he was shot) anyway, yeah, atlantis..... atlantis once was...click here to see images of the road..
ever heard of the shark lab? 8 hot guys from all over the world and 3 girls shacking it up in a lab as researchers to study sharks in the area? anyway, google "shark lab" and the hot guy's myspace will turn up.

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