Monday, January 12, 2009

all-abusive Punta Cana getaway

there really wasn't anything abusive except the hot hammering sun when I arrived in Punta Cana. Aside from really hot Russians (DR is, after all, a favorite for Eastern Europeans) uneducated white trash American tourists really love it down here! after all, I made the trek!

I came on assignment to review the new Reserve, the boutique resort within the Paradisus Palma Real Complex (part of the Sol Melia brand, which I LOVE)

I had a swim-up suite in my backyard, and my own private, low thatch-roof palapa from where I sat cross-legged and put war paint on my face (the kids loved this)

wow. i mean, "how"

I got a chance to test out the clarity of my new G10... I was aiming for that chair but this kid just happened to get in the way


I love europeans.

did you happen to catch the full moon on january 10? you should have. it caused a shitstorm (not as bad as mercury going into retrograde the next day!)

oh, look! it's mario lopez (ish)!

damn bitches. why yall gotta ruin my shot??

my friends were totally pissed it was snowing and 10 degrees at night in nyc.

who knew that punta cana would actually have a really cool "hipster"y bar?

that also had swings...

and a completely gorgeous nighttime setting

speaking of my new camera, did i mention the zoom?

this fucker tried to hide from my shot but i think he was just annoyed cause we had sex like zero times.

until next time!

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wax said...

i died.

the sheraton doorman is... well.. the man of my dreams? lol