Friday, January 16, 2009

buenos aires: HOT GUY OLYMPICS part 2 !

ahhh.. buenos aires....a city that americans can still travel to without putting a fucking hole in their wallet... where the guys are as hot as the day is long (and equally hot). Because I had a head cold the last time I came here with my friend mike, I had to do it all over again the right way!

Eva Peron + this dress = iconic... Sure Madonna put the "diva" in Eva (omg, I just made that up right now, no lie) but Eva is clevah.. you betteh believah (ok, i'll stop)

who knew argentines were so "arty" ? the modern museum was one for the books, especially because they had air conditioning.

big thank you to American Airlines, who was a sponsor. and there goes their rep, javier, who was always on his phone bitching about the high-maintenance journalists... (just kidding. he was only bitching about me)

oh look! it's the 4th oldest subway in the world!

if you don't watch the news like me, you would have missed this big-ass protest that broke out on the streets (and you know shit is going down when they cover their faces)

I'm not even going to get in the politics. but, hey, the real point here: I was part of a protest!

to escape the political chaos, we headed to Tigre, home of the biggest delta in the world and a hot tourist spot for south americans (that's right, folk! americans are too lazy for that 45 minute drive!) you can totes see buenos aires from here.

oh, btw: these are my bitches! Karentina (left bitch) and i go way back (dominican republic and india) and carly (right bitch) is my caribbean ho (puerto rico and barbados). we always try to organize our schedules so we can travel together.

speaking of crush of the day, this was our host, miguel, who's putting bunny ears on me. I know a better place he can put those fingers .... (in a bowling ball, of course!)

Tigre's museum was actually cool (transformed from the country's first casino), and it was pretty fun crashing this photo shoot.

boca.. where the original italians first immigrated... and home of tango, the argentine version of Tang.

speaking of things we should put in our mouths, it's all about beef here.

it's ok to be a little weird in Buenos Aires, like this 90 year old man decked out in army gear in the middle of the day for no reason.

or this weird fool who's butt still hurt from falling down that hill in nevis.

"butt" (get it?), all in all, buenos aires is a beautiful city with some rich culture that is bound to sweep YOU off your feet. O- lay ! (oh wait... that's wrong)

and now... i present HOT GUY OLYMPICS... ARGENTINE STYLE!

Of course, I had to start at the airport in AA business lounge... this dude is all like "I know you're taking a photo of me cause i'm so hot so i'm going to pretend like I don't have this boner from looking at you earlier"

if i formed a cup with my hands, i'd totally let this guy throw up in it.

thanks, Sheraton, for providing "i just got home or I'm just leaving" fantasies.

ah.. nicholas... marketing manager for argentina tourism... who knew they hired 17 year olds?

speaking of guys who should be walking around with no pants on...

this hot dude was on my catamaran cruise and this is the luckiest baby in the whole fucking world

hey dude, like, awesome bracelet!

i was totally busted but this mo totally didn't care...

speaking of guys who should be on Tool Academy, this dude is the WINNER of Hot Guy Olympics: Argentina.

he obs doesn't give a shit. security guard is like: "dude, i got my sunglasses at sears!"

these gays were so lost that they totally forgot how fucking retarded they looked by dressing the same.

i swear this guy is hot when he's not smiling.

Second place goes to: this hot waiter who stole my flip flop, inducing a quiet panic and confusion while I looked for it, then put it back under my chair 20 minutes later. who does that??? carly, who is probably NOT sleeping, will be sure to get an answer.

see you in uruguay (or as squirrel bell likes to say: "you're a gay!"

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