Wednesday, January 7, 2009

blair witch nevis

there's actually nothing scary about Nevis, the completely unspoiled, unexploited island in the caribbean. well, maybe the scariest thing is that cursing is ILLEGAL. no joke (you can get summoned to court). what else is illegal? Making false rumors (don't ever accuse someone of having an abortion). despite taking the fun out of talking the way i talk, nevis is one of the coolest islands i've ever visited. all the accommodations are 200+ year old plantations transformed into luxury inns. my cottage had antiques from the 1700s. how cool is that? said tone loc

because i love you, i want you to see me sitting in a mineral rich pool. it was HOT, straight from the volcano.

Hey ! so Alexander Hamilton was actually NEVER a president like I thought he was (this is where he was born). But he was kinda hot and totally had napoleon complex, a total turn on.

I had the privilege of meeting Brice Marden, the iconic american minimalist painter. he was pretty cool, the kind of old man that still wears a snow hat and t-shirt, with a little bit of nose hair growing fast (my dad thinks its a sign of wealth, or wanting of wealth. i be rich alreads, keep it trimmed). anyway, brice totally turned the golden rock plantation inn into this awesome property, with stark red colors contrasting the caribbean decor.

oh, look! it's earla, my tour guide for nevis peak. she forgot to remind me that i'm a fucking retard sometimes... which could have prevented me from falling on my tailbone down the trail.

oh, before i get to the hospital, did i tell you that nevis is one of two islands that actually has monkeys? shitloads of them. locals hate them cause they pick at their gardens. tourists love them cause they're crazy ass monkeys! in the caribbean! who woulda thunk?

so when i fell on my ass, it really wasn't a crisis situation. my lower back/butt was injured so it hurt to touch. so i just stood a lot . then decided it was TIME to get my butt checked out.

this was the AWESOME waiting room i got to spend time in before a nurse put a shot on my butt (it actually did hurt). but hurt no more the next day.

because i was better, i had to find someone to stalk. it's only right. this british kid did juuust fine.

speaking of fine, and stalking...

until next time...


KeithDCNY said...

You have some outstanding photos. And a sassy (in a good way) way with words. Would love more of the travel photos, could do without all the pics of adolescent boys. (Why does EVERYTHING for the gay "community" have to include half-naked men? I mean, really, couldn't we have one product/blog/magazine/tv show/whatever that wasn't basically built around pecs and abs? It's like we're constant pubescents!) Anyway, rant your non-boy photos, and would love it if you wrote some more. Cheers!

KeithDCNY said...

Wait, so you go to Uruguay, and basically have next to nothing to say about the country, meet someone who's apparently a top artist and instead of exploring that at all you take and post multiple pictures of his shirtless son...and about half of what you seem to have seen in the county (judging by your photos) is shirtless boys/kids? (The gay Lolita thing is also pretty stereotypical.) That's your idea of travel? Why do I care? Coz everything for the gays gets reduced to this. Ugh. OK, I understand. Was hoping for good things from your blog, but it's clearly not for me. Hope you'll do a more serious one some day coz you got some writing talent, I think. Maybe when you get older.

a fellow american said...

hey keith! email me directly, glad you medium-like the blog ! ;)

Anonymous said...

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