Thursday, February 7, 2008

svedka cramps your style

if you didn't come to my huge svedka event last tuesday, well you kinda suck. it was a blast with a capital Let's show the polls on big-screen tvs and drink free vodka all night at koi. we even had our party van pick up from various voting sites. talk about party in my vans. (get it? kinda? party in my pants? party in my vans? anyway...)

jason is the poster boy for svedka (get it? he's holding the svedka poster? ok, i'll stop)

i met john erik (far left, the norwegian) in oslo last year and j, stephanie and marcos showed him how new yorkers throw the fuck down for his fashion-week visit.

gavin is totally trying to get a better look at that gay-ass streak in my hair

oh. wait. now i see why i don't meet boys.

daniel came out with his bitches to the left, and some hot straight dude to the right. damn, i'll vote for you if you take off your shirt.

thomas (right) really just came to show off his haircut. (disclaimer: nonsequiter). thomas is all like, i'm moving. i'm all like, i know you are a libra so you probably will this year, but we've been neighbors forever. he's all like, i ain't fixin your internet again.

bitch must have said something pretty fucking funny. oh wait. that's just me after my second drink.

j-dogg ocean (right) came by with his practiced pose of "whatever, you can take a picture of me but i'm going to pretend like i can't believe you're taking a picture but take the fucking picture because i know i'm going to like my i can't believe you're taking a picture of me look"

felipe is one of the CRAZIEST parisians i have ever met ... he chugged the svedka like it was liquid baguette and tagged along when we all headed east to western bloc.

ladyfag and lover and felipe. felipe is probably the ceo of some popular investment firm and is going to shit bricks when he sees some of these pics.

get the fuck off me bitch!

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