Friday, February 22, 2008

tahiti three: last days of our acquaintance

Itinerary, schmitinerary... it was alll about the spa at Intercontinental...
where this hot dude could smell the loud, gay american beotches from a mile away
there was nothing like chillin the jacuzzi with prime views of the mountain...
even outside the spa, it was still magic in a box. mike went the serene route...
while i got drunk and gay with the tiki gods..
In the morning, the lagoon made a great backdrop for this TNTM photo shoot...
but this tahitian bitch was crowned tahiti's next top model
mike , obviously, was ecstatic when we moved to a secluded motu (islet) at the bora bora nui, Luxury Collection- Starwood.
and...well, shit... with this sunset, i guess i was too..
this is the tiara (national flower) that you tuck behind your ear. left ear indicates you're taken, while right indicates you're single. . . and obviously i'm totally stoked
but i guess there's that sunset that will be my boyfriend forever.
hot chef benjamin came out to greet us and give me a hand job under the table.
and our super hot french pool butler, joseph, had the best nipples in polynesia. i tried my best to convince him to escort us to our next stop, a private island, but he didn't speak gay english.
speaking of gay, mike gayed it up at our $600 dinner at the St Regis...
but tried to butch it out by kayaking...
hey ... what's that in the water? a dolphin?
at one point, i threw out my neck (whats new) and was bed ridden, jacked up on vicodin, and sad i couldn't snorkel with the fish..
which mike flaunted in my face during my handicap.

eventually, the medication (in high doses) worked and I didn't feel a thing!
at our last days of tahiti, mike tried to hide so we would miss the flight.
but we just tried to leave on a good note, and this view of Tahiti (the island) was pretty commanding.
our new friend, laurent, made sure that we would come to terms with our oh-too-soon departure.

but all good things must come to an end... (or beginning, with the new moon in toll. . or something like that, sorry, i rushed through this one cause of time restraints and very little internet time, but you get the idea: french polynesia was fucking awesome)

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Dan said...

i just looked at all of these nipples for like half an hour at work. not because i'm undedicated to my work, but because they are nipples.