Friday, February 1, 2008

three times ten times three

when you turn 30, it only makes sense to have three birthday parties (one for every decade you will never have again)... so i rounded up the boys at good times@eastern bloc to let them know I'm ok with things you can never do in your thirties: like, I can't say "totes" or "whatevs" (but I CAN say "indeed" and "401k"... I can't go to cakeshop. . . and i can't cruise NYU boys... bummer!

sure, i was thinking, at this point, about that whole cruising nyu boys thing is not going to happen.

the guy who shot the movie cloverfield actually took this photo

Marcos! Stay off the vicodin!

I know this is a photo so sparbs is totally documented in the moment, but he really was standing like this for about 12 minutes.

yea, i know. i did have to "work"... massimo is totally bummed about this.

gabe actually came to my party wearing his hipster best for the occasion. how sweet!

i haven't seen truman (left) in almost a year and just found out he moved into my neighborhood months ago... thanks for the heads up truman!

don't worry. andrew b always makes this face. now that i think about it, i had a dream about him last night and he still looked disgusted.

Daniel (far left) and I went to India in October and he wrote me the next day to tell me he passed out in someone's bathroom later that night. Hey, what do you expect when you come to my party??

I'm pretty fucked up at this point, but my friend Debs (who I went to aruba with) showed up to get trashed off a glass of wine. Work it, beotch!

speaking of beotches... mooooove, bitches... get out the way.... it's MY birthday, hos! don't you wag that finger at me... my roomie cat (on right) is like, "no he dint"

thanks everyone for coming out... best 30th ever!

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Josh said...

This is your best post EVER! No he di'int!!!!!!