Thursday, February 14, 2008

tahiti two: mike gets deported

well, not yet, but i'm sure the polynesian police will soon enough consider his addiction to champagne and room service a crime.

because when he has a little too much champagne, he gets a little weird...

but it's nice to know the polynesians accept him for who he is. The dude at the bottom, in case you haven't noticed, just said "hammer time!"

We had a fucking incredibly delish dinner at villa mahana, so good it took my breath away.

but not as much as our HOT corisican waiter on the far right!

and don't worry, we're still spying on hot dudes who don't know we're spying.

Our overwater bungalow at Intercontinental was TRULY the best accommodation we have had yet.

not only because you can see the fish (and me!) swim below through our coffee table..

but there's nothing like rolling out of bed in the morning to go for a quick swim.

it's ok when it gets grey cause it gets a little gay (flag not included)

Our grand bedroom view!

and our HOT french bartender (somehow his hotness didn't translate as well as it should have)

pool with mountain /lagoon view. mike is taking a dump

wish you were here. and happy valentines day! would post more pics but with internet at $100 /day and the fact the computer is becoming more foreign as the days go on, think we'll swim it off!
stay tuned for more!